Top 10 Scariest Clown Pranks On YouTube! Clowns & Sightings have been crazy lately so I put together a list of 10 Scary & Funny Clown Pranks that are sure to creep you out. Which one did you think was the creepiest?

10. Killer Clown Scare Prank On Girlfriend:
9. Jay Karl’s Halloween Prank:
8. Sharp tK Clown At House Prank:
7. Clown Sighting Joke:
6. Kwebbelkop Jump Scare:
5. TheRoyalStampede Clown With Axe:
4. Viral Brothers Scary Clown Nightmare:
3. Kwesi Bouie:
2. Faze Blaziken Playground Adapt Prank:
1. DmPranksProductions Killer Clown 7 Scare:

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