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I Slimed myself with a Slime Bucket for Charity! I challenge you to challenge yourself to slime yourself or just share some videos of people sliming themselves for charity! Thank you to my cousin roi (Guava Juice) for nominating me and bringing this awesome challenge/ cause to my attention! ALL proceeds of this video will go to ACTION FOR CHILDREN!

Get your SLIME HERE =
Action For Children =…

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DIY GIANT Bacon Hot Mac & CHEETOS!!!!


Snapchat: MarlinRawr

Heres how to be in my Life Logs:
1. Make a video saying”This is a commercial by _(Yourname)_ from _(Where You live) and your watching Life Logs.”
2.Upload to youtube and set to unlisted
3.Email to : [email protected]
4. Check to see if you made it! people will be featured in every life log!

Hi, I’m Marlin I make DIY, Gaming, And Vlog Videos. I post a video every single day at 12pm PST. Occasionally I do some pretty crazy stuff with my cousin Guava Juice A.K.A Guava Roi. I love to cook and make things I just never posted it on the interwebz untill now! Random Facts: I am Cambodian american and a Staged trained actor.


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