L.A. EDITION! I don’t know why everyone acts like they don’t know us. Our friends have all turned their backs on us!
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We shot this video with six cameras, in four different formats, and edited it reasonably effortlessly with Final Cut Pro X multiclip. Sorry it took me so long, I’ve been teaching myself how to use FCPX for the past few weeks. It’s. Awesome.

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Special thanks to Matt Orfalea for helping shoot this!

THE TAUNTER! Jack Vale & Greg Benson

BEHIND THE SCENES! (With Greg and Jack)

See another prank I did with Jack & Ed Bassmaster!

See Jack’s original SEE YOU TONIGHT! video:


Intro theme: “Demo 17A” by Bryan Arata

Closing music: “Pixel Peeker Polka” by Kevin MacLeod

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