I got hit HARD doing a prank at Venice Beach. See WHY!
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FYI… I actually dried the pieces of ham with a towel ahead of time so they wouldn’t be slimy or messy. I wanted to make sure they wouldn’t even leave a residue on people’s shirts. In my opinion, this was a pretty harmless prank (inspired by Chevy Chase’s funniest moment in the terrible sequel “Caddyshack 2” — http://youtu.be/XnnV3Xr2GWU) and I never thought anyone would “flip out” from something so silly.

I guess I should have paid a little more attention to other videos such as MikeDakotaHayden “never scare a black man” or JackValeFilms “I GOT PUNCHED”.

I GOT ASSAULTED (behind the scenes)

Pranking with Roman Atwood & Dennis Roady

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Now I have something else in common with Jack Vale. See him get punched:


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