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Halloween is the time of year that is the most suitable for crazy pranks. It’s the month when people dress up is scary killer clown costumes and scare the crap out of each other. Boyfriends pranks girlfriends and girlfriends prank boyfriends. I decided to start this year’s halloween horror pranks by pranking a friend. Many of you know Tori Ross from my older videos. Many of you even find her super sexy! Haha! She was taking a shower at my house and I decided to dress up in a terrifying killer clown costume, set up my fog machine, use fake blood on her towel, grab my loud and scary chainsaw and set up a little chainsaw massacre surprise for her in the shower. Keep in mind she is terrified of loud noises and even the idea of seeing a killer clown, jester or pretty much any horror film character that wears a scary mask scares the crap out of her! The prank went great and she was terrified. Many other youtubers like dmpranksproductions , vitalyzdtv , fouseytube , soflocomedy have also filmed similar scary killer clown murder pranks. Though never on a unsuspecting girl in the shower who not only isn’t expecting to get pranked but also is horrified by clowns in general! Hope you enjoy the video! More 2015 halloween scare pranks coming! Subscribe so you don’t miss any of my scare pranks this Halloween!

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